W E L C O M E   T R A I L B L A Z E R S   OF  THE   L I T E R A R Y   W O R L D!Lit Craft Works 6_C+G_2014_b

Self-publishing just got easier!

Literary Craft Works is a one-stop, flat fee, book creation service for authors choosing to self-publish. Editing, manuscript conversion, cover design, ISBN, upload, publish, account creation and more — eBooks and traditional (paper) books — 14 day turnaround. Learn more at Litcraftworks.com Owners Cat Spydell and Gineve Rudolph are traditional publishers at World Nouveau Inc. (www.WorldNouveau.com) who have been designing and publishing books together since 2008. Each with over twenty years experience in the writing and publishing industry, they have combined their talents to create Literary Craft Works and offer their publishing expertise to authors who have decided to self-publish. Make your dream of becoming a published author a reality! Visit http://www.LitCraftWorks.com today.



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